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I was just like you, my head in the clouds, full of hope.

Then the dreams came....

Angela Petrelli
24 May 1945
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This is, clearly, an Adam/Angela friendly journal. I have my own well-defined take on that and them, so most of my Angela's backstory comes from that, filling in the gaps canon has left. Should canon ever "Joss" me on it, the journal will likely go AU in that regard, but as it stands now, I think my backstory works pretty well with the canon that we have--after all, we don't know Adam and Angela WEREN'T ever involved--and thus, except for prompts marked "AU" most entries will be what I consider "canon."

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Disclaimer & Writer Info
Disclaimer: Angela Petrelli is a fictional character on NBC's television show Heroes and thus is the property of NBC, Tim Kring, and probably various other corporate entities. I'm not them. Nor am I Cristine Rose, who portrays her. This journal is for prompt writing and entertainment purposes only. No infringement is intended and no money is being made.

To contact the writer, please PM, or leave a message here. Angela is mainly a prompt-only muse, but RP may be considered under certain circumstances, as I have time. Thanks. :-)

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